Item Code: 00204
Model: FAH-2432TR(H)

With a minimum gain of 12 dBi and 16 dBi TX, Antenna Technologies Limited Company ’s high gain FAH series UHF SATCOM antennas provide the ultimate in operation performance and reliability. The FAH-2432TR(H)-1 Transmit/Receive Antennas are installed at vital communication centers where high link margins are essential to meet the reliability criteria demanded by the Nation’s highest priority message traffic.

The unconventional mechanical design results in an extremely robust and lightweight structure, capable of with-standing the most severe environmental conditions.

Antenna Technologies Limited Company ’s MA3H mount is included with all our FHH and FAH model satellite ground station antennas. This extremely robust mounting hardware is specially designed for attaching the antenna to either our JIMINI steel or aluminum masts (optional). The combination of the MA3H mount and Antenna Technologies Limited Company ’s specially designed JIMINI mast combined provides for an optimum mechanical structure; capable of with standing the most severe environments.


Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range 240-320 MHz
VSWR (50 Ohms) 1.5:1 maximum
1.5:1 bandwidth 50 MHz
3 dB Beamwidth E/H Planes 36º @+/- 3dB
Power 2000 Watts
Polarization RHCP
Gain, dBi 16dBi from 290-320, 12dBi from 240-290MHz.

Mechanical Specifications

Weight 236 lbs.s
Wind Rating 150 mph gusts
Size,Inches 298
Turns 18
Helix Diameter 12 Inches
Cavity Shroud 38 Inches
Stub Diameter 4 Inches