Unity Gain Omnidirectional Antenna – Model V-1600WB

Item Code: 00107
Model: V-1600WB


  • Unity gain omni specifically optimized for communications in the 148-172 MHz band. Broad beamwidth for wide area coverage.
  • Excellent choice for omni directional coverage such as security monitoring or data collection applications.


  • Small sized, the antenna is ideal for pole mounting or portable operation
  • Antenna Technologies Limited Company ’s all-brass center feed is encased in a heavy-wall fiberglass radome with a 6063-T832 aluminum support tube for a clean radiation pattern and superior strength.
  • This antenna incorporates a flexible piftail termination and all stainless steel hardware to make installation easy and reliable.

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range 148-174 MHz
Gain, dBd Unity
VSWR (50 Ohms) 1.2:1 typical
1.5:1 bandwidth 26 minimum
3 dB Beamwidth E/H Planes 90/360
Power 150
Termination, feet (m), coax UHF Female, 1 (.3), RG58 type
Polarization Vertical
Pattern Degrees 360

Mechanical Specifications

Element Material All brass components
Mast Diameter, inches (cm) 1.25-2.25 (3.2 – 5.7)
Mounting Supplied
Wind Surface Area, feet² (m²) .37 (.03)
Wind Survival 125 (200)
Weight 4.0 (1.8)
Size,Inches 5 (1.5)
Randome Material 1.0″ OD; .125″ wall Fiberglass