120° Sector Panel Antenna – Model # ASTG11T

Item Code: 00244
Model: ASTG11T

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range 2400-2483 MHz
Gain, dBd >7dBi
Front to Back Ratio, dB >14dB
VSWR (50 Ohms) <1.5:1 (or >14dB)
Power 20W
Polarization Vertical, Linear
Impedence 50 Ohms
Horizontal Beamwidth 120 Degrees
Vertical Beamwidth 60 Degrees

Mechanical Specifications

Weight Water Resistance
Connector N-Female, Bottom Feed
Size,Inches 52 x 113 x 30 (mm)
Randome Material ASA with UV Protection
Housing Material Powder Coated Aluminum
Random Color Gray or White
Case Design Water Resistance
Storage Temperature -30 to +75 Degrees
Wind Loading >10Kg
Appearance Panel Type