4 Element Yagi Antenna – 7 dBd Gain

Item Code: 00292
Model: FM-100-4


  • An excellent choice for translators and low power stations.
  • These antennas can be phased for pattern control or stacked for additional gain.
  • The rugged design includes a thick-walled square tube boom and stainless steel hardware to assure lasting service.
  • Assembly and installation is easy and the flexible feedline simplifies interfacing to your feed.


  • State-of-the-art, computer optimized, 4 element Yagis for both low power transmit and receive applications.
  • Available in four different models to cover the entire FM band, the design produces a full 7 dB of gain with a clean radiation pattern.
  • These antennas incorporate a truly balanced feed system that never requires tuning.

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range 97-102*
Gain, dBd 7
1.5:1 bandwidth 5
3 dB Beamwidth E/H Planes 67/115
Power 1500
Termination, feet (m), coax N female, 2 (.61), RG303 type
Polarization Horizontal or Vertical
Stacking Distance, E/H Planes 9 (2.73) / 6.3 (1.9)

Mechanical Specifications

Number of Elements 4
Boom Length, feet (m) 6 (1.83)
Boom Material 1.00″ Square tube; .062 wall; 6061-T6 aluminum
Element Material .625″ diameter 6063-T832 aluminum tube
Mast Diameter, inches (cm) 1.25-2.00 (3.2-5.1)
Mounting center (standard) or rear (option)
Wind Surface Area, feet² (m²) 1.34 (.124)
Wind Survival 125 (200)
Weight 8.5 (3.9)
Wind Rating 100/160