Waterproof Marine Omindirectional Antenna

Item Code: 00361
Model: VG-2400IOFXNF/VG2400IO3F

This waterproof rugged unity gain omnidirectional antenna is suited for all types of marine applications including fresh and salt water environments. The broad vertical beam width provides wide area coverage and no field tuning required to obtain maximum performance. Perfect for use on boats, ships, or even ocean buoys. Antenna Technologies Limited Company ’s all-brass center fed dipole delivers a clean radiation pattern without ground radials.


  • Encased in heavy wall fiberglass sealed with shrink tubing to ensure waterproof performance in any marine environment’
  • End cap epoxied to ensure no water penetration.
  • Available in fixed or cable connector style
  • Connector and cable completely sealed using shrink-wrap and DP-190 to ensure maximum protection

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range 2400-2500
Gain, dBd Unity
VSWR (50 Ohms) 1.2:1 typical
1.5:1 bandwidth 100 minimum
3 dB Beamwidth E/H Planes 77/360
Power 30*
Termination, feet (m), coax N Female 3 ft, RG58 (Belden 8240)
Polarization Vertical

Mechanical Specifications

Element Material All Brass Components
Mast Diameter, inches (cm) 1.25-2.00
Mounting Base to Mast, supplied with cabled style
Wind Survival 150
Weight 1.5 lbs
Overall Length inches VG2400IO3F – 13.65”
VG2400IOFXNF – 13.1″
Randome Material 1.0 OD; .125 Wall Fiberglass encased in Shrink-wrap