Model SC-303B

Item Code: 00218
Model: SC-303B

The Antenna Technologies Limited Company full hemispheric coverage UHF SATCOM antenna, Model SC-303B, is designed especially for mobile and ship applications where high performance operation from zenith down to the horizon is required. Conventional antennas provide either upper or lower elevation angle coverage or a combination of the two antennas. To obtain full hemispheric coverage, one must switch between the two antennas. The Antenna Technologies Limited Company antenna provides full hemispheric coverage without the need of a switch to select one of two antennas. In addition, the right hand circular polarization over the full hemisphere provides multipath rejection. This is a very important feature when operation is required over seawater or in regions with high levels of multipath signals. It should be noted that conventional low angle coverage antennas are typically linearly polarized and do not provide the multipath reduction like the Antenna Technologies Limited Company antenna.


The antenna is available with an option to include a diplexer-preamplifier, DFP-102 PZ, that provides up to a 6 dB sensitivity improvement in the receive mode of operation (240 to 270 MHz). This greatly enhances DAMA operation.  The unit is fully radome protected enhancing operation and performance in high winds and bad weather.



Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range 240 to 400 MHz
VSWR (50 Ohms) 1.5:1 Maximum
1.5:1 bandwidth 160 MHz
3 dB Beamwidth E/H Planes Hemi
Power 200 Watts CW
Polarization RHC
Impedence 50 ohms
Gain, dBi 3 typical

Mechanical Specifications

Mounting 2 inch Diameter Mast with a ¼ Inch Through Bolt
Weight 20 Pounds
Wind Rating 80 mph
Connector Type N Female