Item Code: 00224Model: AA3090

The Antenna Technologies Limited Company Wireless Airborne Blade AA Series Antennas are broadband antennas that require no tuning or coupler of any kind. These antennas incorporate unique techniques developed by Antenna Technologies Limited Company Wireless to achieve optimum gain at a reduced size. Ideally suited for airborne applications at subsonic speeds and other vehicular operations, the antennas feature fiberglass aerodynamic blade radomes with integral aluminum bases.


Model Number  Frequency Coverage
AA-3090H  30 to 90 MHz
AA-30450H  30 to 450 MHz
AA-302000H  30 to 2000 MHz

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range 30 MHz to 90 MHz
VSWR (50 Ohms) 2.5:1 Nominal
Power 50 or 100 Watts CW
Polarization Vertical
Pattern Degrees Quasi Omni
Impedence 50 Ohms
Gain, dBi -14 to -5 dBi peak

Mechanical Specifications

Weight 14.8 Pounds
Connector Three (3) Type N-Female Connectors, one (1) per band
Size,Inches Leading Edge slants back at 17°
Dimensions Base: 3.7 (W) x 17.0 (L) Top: 28.0 (L) x 4.0 (W)
Height 18.0